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Hello Friends, It is with pleasure and awe that we would like to share with you the great things our Great God is doing in our lives.

As of October 15, 2011 John Erickson and Rebecca Noll are married!

John and Becky, Dec. 24, 2010

As God brings two people together to form a new family, it is an amazing journey!

So, what is courtship, and the standards set in place?

Men come up with terms and names to describe different things. Not only does the english language have different names for basically the same thing, but the names have different meanings!
The words "dating" and "Courtship" have different means to you and everyone else.
So to try to clarify things, and give you a definition, this is what we are trying to do:

Courtship is the process and a time when a man and women enter into a relationship, with the end goal of marriage.
The man in this process is the leader, and initiates by first seeking the approval of the lady's father and protector.
If he gives permission, and after counsel, the man is then permitted to approach the lady, remaining under any guidelines that the parents have set forth. (There is freedom in being under the authority and protection of the family parents. Accountability and purity is something easier to hold.

Both the man and woman, (Sons and daughters of God) use this time to seek direction from God, and from the people God has brought into their lives. In this time of courtship, as the two individuals learn about each other, goals need to be talked about and issues and many other things should be discussed.

Instead of waiting until after marriage, any major problems should be resovled. After getting married is NOT the time to tell your spouse that you brought a bunch of, until now, unspoken problems and conflict along with you.

In our quest to make God the center of our lives, and, Lord willing, our marriage, we also wish to have transparent, and free lives. No one said this is easy. And, like pretty much anything else that one does in life, God is watching, and knows if what we do is from a pure heart for HIM!

One of our goals, Lord willing, is to have a marriage that glorifies God. This is seen in everyday life, as we love each other and serve each other until death, in words and in actions. We want this to be an exciting adventure as we trust God, and lean on Him in all aspects of life, so that in the end, we can say we had the best ride of our life here on earth, and God was glorified the most, because we were sold out to Him!

Before we ever knew each other, and before we were even born, God owned us. We are His! And now, Lord willing, we are seeking to serve God together, and support each other, working together to exalt His name.

Both of us have been missionaries to countries and areas where marriage and the calling that it is, is not a priority. And we are horrified at the sin and lack of concern in places where we need strong families the most.

We would ask that you pray for us, as we ponder the future, and make plans. we don't ultimately know what God is going to do, or where He is going to take us, but we are ready to follow.

John and Rebecca at the San Juan Capistrano Mission, San Antonio. Dec. 10th, 2010

John Erickson (from California) first met Rebecca Noll (from Iowa) in 2007.
Over the next few years, they worked together at summer Bible Camp, and in the last couple years, started to visit each other. Things eventually became more clear, after many hardships, and challenges.

It is often true that you really see a person for who they are under stress, and in the trials and challenges of life.
Christ's character was displayed, and made evident, in everything, but especially in circumstances that would be deemed as life altering, and very difficult. After all, if nothing ever happened, how would we ever lean on, and trust God?

We are thankful for all the challenges, the joy, and the sad times.
We are thankful that He has clearly brought us together and made us for each other.
And now we are excited to announce a wedding celebration, dedicated to God, and the work that He is doing in our lives.

Wedding information:

Lord willing, the wedding will take place at 3 O'clock,PM, October 15th, 2011 in the town of Bentonsport, Iowa.

Reception for those attending will be held in the same area directly following ceremony.

We do hope you will come celebrate with us, and rejoice that we serve a mighty God!

We understand that not everyone will be able to travel to Iowa, with the costs and committments that people do have.

Therefore we would also like to inform everyone that there will be a reception mid-November, in Santa Clara, California . Hopefully this will make it possible for you to rejoice with us, if you cannot attend the wedding.

The Reception in California will be on Saturday, November 12th, 2011. Please come enjoy starting at 12 noon.
(Please seeDirections & accomodations for further information)
Links to directions and lodging below, and feel free to read our stories, and also check out how we plan to spend our first year as a married couple!

Our First Year

Rebecca's Story

John's Story

Directions and Accommodations

Blessings and gift registry

Meet our Bridal Party

October 3rd, 2010

John and Becky relaxing after working the rappelling tower at camp, with two of our young friends visiting!

Dates of interest:
June 9th, 2007 -First time John and Becky met. June 21st, 2008 -Yukon Adventure. September 26th, 2009 -John first asked to court Becky. October 2nd, 2010 -Becky allowed John to court her. December 25th, 2010 -John and Rebecca Engaged. October 15th, 2011 -Fall Wedding.

John and Becky during the Yukon Adventure in 2008

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