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Meet the Bridal Party.

The Groomsmen.
The Men supporting John Erickson are as follows:

Best Man:
Ryan Wall.
A young man I went through the ALERT Program with.
We have done some hard things together. I trust him and respect his character and what he stands for.
He even got me to drink a Coke with him in Haiti!
Now he is engaged to a young lady, and working in the state of Kansas.
Ryan is another man I can call a friend, and someone who is not afraid to stand up for what is right, and have a 'spine' or 'backbone'!

Peter Janowski
Peter Janowski. (South Carolina) A unique man that there is only one of! I mean that in a good way. Peter has a way to bring to light a side of things that you did not think of.
He can think outside of 'the box'. We have had different ideas of how to get somewhere, but in working alongside him off and on for 7 years, I appreciate his outlook on life.
His work ethic and fervent desire to live life to the fullest, for the Glory of God are some other things I value about Peter.

Jason Fedelem.
Jason was one of the few men I called a friend growing up.
We continued to learn from each other as he married and now has a family, and has been an example of a good 'ol Texan!
Jason and his wife, Rosetta are rasing one pretty little daughter, in the great state of Texas.
A Texan and conservative at heart, his peace and certainty as a Christian, and the values he holds are evident.

Joby Noriel.
Mr. Noriel has been an incredible example to me over the years, as I have spent time with his family.
We met through the ALERT Cadet program, and have a mutual passion for raising godly children.
Joby and his wife live in California with their four children.

The Bridesmaids.
The women ministering unto Rebecca Noll are as follows:

Matron of Honor:
Miki Caston.
Miki is my partner in crime! We enjoy being silly and mischievously working together. She has been my faithful friend from childhood and loyal supporter of my adventurous life. As my closest companion, we have shared many life experiences and now, Lord wiling, even the experience of marriage and family. I value her friendship and love for me, as well as for her husband and three children, which are very dear to my heart.

Jamie Gates.
Jamie is responsible for everything… As a child, Jamie was the first missionary I ever met! She was the instrument God used to bring about salvation in my life. For this, I am eternally grateful and value her loyal friendship. She is also responsible for our friendship with Miki, who was drawn into salvation on account of her missionary efforts as well. The three of us together is asking for trouble!

Stacy Erickson.
I am just beginning to know and value Stacy, but as John’s only sibling, she has been one of his closest friends and supporters. For this, I am honored to have her stand with us in support of what God is doing in our lives. I can honestly say that I have a lot to learn from her!

Eidene Anderson.
I attached myself to Mom (Eidene) Anderson as my wise counsel and mentor while in college. She willingly adopted me into her growing family of single women and opened her home up to me after her girls and I graduated from college. We have appreciated each other’s presence, especially while breaking into the house after being locked out in the cold together. I value Mom’s dedication to the Word and teaching younger women. She has been a faithful prayer warrior for all her “children” who are literally scattered all around the world.

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