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Hello Friends,
Welcome to the new Erickson family's post-wedding page/report! It is with pleasure and awe that we would like to share with you the great things our Great God is doing in our lives.

As of October 15, 2011 John Erickson and Rebecca Noll are married!

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Thank you for praying and supporting us as John and Rebecca were married in Bonaparte, Iowa on October 15th, 2011.
The day of the wedding dawned bright and beautiful. A little crisp and cool, but no rain in sight!
A year of planning was coming together as everyone arrived and began doing their part. Even the bride and groom had their own special talents, like filleting the Alaskan Salmon and special decorating.
But all of that was done in love, and by 2:47pm, the bride and groom were married and kissed. We were so blessed to have all the people around us that we did, and know that there were many more that would have been there, if they were able.
Many things could be mentioned. The bridal party singing songs like "Father, we commit to you" and "Love never fails". The moment Rebecca began walking down the aisle, and John could hardly contain himself. Watching the bridal party try to contain themselves. The joy in the beauty of this; the love seen everywhere, including the bride and groom;
and the whole way each of our family and witnesses were loving.

The wedding had many special things and unique items.

For example,
A canoe was used to hold wedding presents. Both of us have spent much time in canoes.
Rock climbing hardness webbing was strung along the aisle for the wedding. Knots are tied in that stuff with eyes closed!
Birch bark was used in different ways, and it was copied for the wedding cakes.
Everything was outside. The wedding, and the reception. Tents were setup to have the reception in, and everything was lit up with candles and lights. Thanks to so many people for making it the blessing and 'success' that it was! To our family, each and everyone from the Erickson and Noll sides. To those from our churches. To those we called upon to serve with us. The groomsmen and bridesmaids. Ken Burns and Chris Wilks to run the sound system. Hannah, Ashley and Nathan for photos.
A fun story that few people know is this:

While we were serving in Alaska last Spring, we still did not have a photographer or people to play music. None of our leads and ideas were working out. Then I happened to overhear one of the summer camp counselors talking about taking pictures, and she had done weddings before! John kind of interrupted, and asked if she did. And said he might have a job for her! We ended up asking her to do our wedding! So we crossed one more thing off of our To-Do list. Also, around the same time, John happened to be in the lodge one night, and heard Ashley on the piano. He was quite surprised and liked what he heard. So before Ashley(Another camp Counselor) left, we asked her to play for our wedding! Amazing how God supplied our needs from underneath our very noses!

The day went very quickly, with so much to do, and so many people to greet. At the reception, Wild Alaskan Salmon was served with some other good food to the guests. And then dessert followed, as all of the groomsmen and bridesmaids had, and took opportunity to charge, warn and encourage us as our witnesses. We have 8 people who have agreed to hold us accountable to our words and vows.
After a wedding party dance/Virginia Reel, we prepared to depart. Under a shower of glow sticks, in our four colors (Platinum, Blue, Purple and Green) we departed.

Spent the night in Cedar Rapids, IA and flew to Maine the next morning for their Full Moon in the New England area.

They traveled to White Mountain Nat'l park in New Hampshire, back into Maine, and made a big clock-wise circle up to Northern Maine, and down the coast. Getting to Maine on Oct. 16th, we just caught the fall colors! We have always wanted to go to Maine, so when we were thinking of where to go on our Full Moon, it was the logical choice, with the risk of bad weather! But the colors were very nice, and the weather was good.
We spent part of our time camping, and part of our time in motels. Camping is cheaper, so we did that whenever we could. This goes to show the outdoors woman Rebecca can be, doing all that! Hiking on the Appalachian Trail as we hiked 5 miles up to the tallest mountain in Maine, Mt. Katadyn.
Of course, we need to mention our thanks for making this trip possible, thanks to the Mott family for letting us use their car! Unfortunately, at one point, as we were driving along on a private road(Basically a logging road) to leave a lake we were staying at in the Alagash Wilderness area, we went over a rock that sliced the oil pan of the car.

We had some fun as we bought some chewing gum and patched it sometimes. (It was not a bad leak, but we went ahead and ordered a new oil pan. Of course, we still had to put the thing on. Not something you can just do while traveling!
That was Saturday. On Sunday, we wanted to go to a church. We went online, and searched for something the the area of Maine we were currently in. (Lincoln area) We found one, and so off we went to church on Sunday morning, with somewhat low expectations....after all, what do we expect to find from an internet search?
But God was gracious to us! We were welcomed and were able to enjoy and be part of the service. We found a church that worshiped God. This could probably happen to a lot of people in a similar situation, but God did not stop blessing us, with just a place to worship. At the church, and gentleman named Mike learned of our 'plight' (as some would call it) and offered to help us with the car oil pan when it was shipped/arrived.

But that arrival date was still a couple days away, and next the Pastor and his family, the Shearers, asked us if we had a place to stay. We were blessed to have a very cozy little loft on the third story of their home!

With the stories I am telling, more people should go to church, huh? That is not what I am saying. We went to that church, that Sunday, to worship God. And in doing that, God showered us with blessings. Not because we deserved it, or it was our reward for going to church. He CHOSE to. We were blown away at how God answered prayer, and showed us a church, and everything else that we were blessed by.

The car an Oil Pan Newer, we headed North, yet further. Until we looked across the bay to Canada. (Not all of us have passports yet, so we did not feel like getting stuck in Canada) And thus we began our trip down the length of the coast of Maine. Stopping at some beaches, we missed the crowds, but also encountered a lot of closed places. (Due to seasonal closure, since it was supposed to be wintry/snowy) We made it to the Eastern most tip of America.

What was our favorite part? It's our Full Moon, you are not supposed to know!
We enjoyed being together, and exploring.
Being out in nature was the best part, be it on the coastline, walking around on the rocks, or inland, exploring caves, and enjoying the last of the beautiful fall colors.
The ground was just covered with leaves. The feeling of camping in such a beautiful area was a thrill.

After a while, being the active, working people that we are, we were looking forward to being done, and getting back to something normal. Someplace where we could work, relax, and not always be on the move, wondering where we would spend the next night. We loved it in Maine, but were glad to be done, so we could DO something!

Folks back home kept asking us if we were going to try lobster. Since neither of us had, we stopped at a coastal seafood place, and did have some fresh lobster in butter. And later on, enjoyed a lobster roll.

Do you remember that massive storm that hit New York and Hartford? All that heavy, sticky snow that broke the branches that fell on power lines? We went through it too! We were staying that night on the coast of Southern ME, so we only got about an inch. Our trip took us through Boston, MA, in which we went right though, and kept going. The road was long as we went all the way out to Cape Cod, a big circular peninsula.

Next we traveled through Rhode Island, and into Connecticut to return the car to our friends, who incidentally just got their power back after a week! Flying into California, John's parents picked us up to prepare for the wedding reception that Stacy, Holly and Noelle Magnell were preparing for John's side of the family.

This was a wonderful event hosted at the Silicon Valley Christian Assembly church in Santa Clara, CA. About 120 people attended a gathering to meet the new Erickson family.

We enjoyed seeing people from all walks of John's life! Civil War, Rock climbing, ALERT Cadets, ATI, homeschooling, family, rappelling, dairy goat showing, Home school Alumni gathering, church, work and friends.

Many of you have had an opportunity to read kind of what we are hoping to do in the next year. We have packed up John's stuff, and driven out to Iowa. Packed up Rebecca's stuff, and have driven to San Antonio, TX. This is where John has gone back to work with Americana Ambulance.
They have found an appartment and have moved in, trying to make it feel like 'home'!
Of course, people are what make up a home, and we are not forgetting that.

We are enjoying our church here, Light House Baptist of San Antonio, the work with Americana Ambulance, and the challenges and joys of living with someone else in marriage.

Our Amazing reception!!
Wedding pictures by Kevin Atkins and Ashley Sebo

As God brings two people together to form a new family, it is an amazing journey!

John and Rebecca Dancing a Reel.

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October 19, 2011

Dates of interest:
June 9th, 2007 -First time John and Becky met. June 21st, 2008 -Yukon Adventure. September 26th, 2009 -John first asked to court Becky. October 2nd, 2010 -Becky allowed John to court her. December 25th, 2010 -John and Rebecca Engaged. October 15th, 2011 -Fall Wedding. January 2012 -Moved to Texas.

John and Becky during the Yukon Adventure in 2008

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