Hello friends,
We hope this finds you well and loving our Lord. It is something that we can do, no matter where we are, or what we are doing.

Since our last update, we have not traveled to the other side of the globe, or worked with hundreds of people.
It has been a little quieter. We safely traveled from the Christian camp in New Mexico where we spent our summer, back to San Antonio.
Stopping at the Carlsbad Caverns, we were awed by the formations and the beauty and wonder below the earth. We settled into a little apartment and John worked some more with the ambulance company, as the high heat waves receded into fall in Texas.
John has been having some good conversations with co-workers.

My schedule has changed and I have been working with the same person 5 days a week.
Topics like evolution and God come up, and it is interesting to see how people that 'believe' in evolution are so adement about it! Both the Creation and Evolution models must be believed in, both requiring faith! Both of them require believing in something that can not be seen, or was done without us seeing it.

If I may sum up what a recent speaker, Job Martin said at Light House Baptist church, and in his book, you wonder which is easier to believe. What does true science have to say. What is the evidence, and the history have to say?

It takes more faith to believe in evolution, which has very little evidence, than to believe in the Creation model, which science, fossils, history, and the Bible 'backup'.

Job Martin and I seem to also agree that one of the biggest reasons people choose to believe evolution is because it lacks God. God does not play a part in evolution. Thus people have no obligation to bow the knee and acknowledge the true Creator and Master of the world.
That said, it is interesting to talk to an evolutionist. They refuse to listen to what the Bible has to say. They want nothing to do with the Bible. As a Christian, I believe that the Word that we have is perfect, and we can trust it.
So I found as I talk to people who 'believe' in evolution, that they are not so much into evolution (As they can't explain it) as they are against acknowledging that there is a HOLY, Righteous God, who will judge them. It seems crazy to try to explain the Creation model, without being able to use the Bible, but that is what they want you to do. Thus it becomes a question of whether you believe the Word of God, the Bible or not.
So as we pray for some of my co-workers, we don't ask that they will start beliving in Creation, but that, rather, they may submit and glorify God!

We are preparing for our departure from Texas, as soon as November comes. We are trying to sell the furniture, we have bought a trailer to move our stuff, and also some newer tires for the truck. We are trying to sell our second vehicle as well.

Lord willing, this is the plan.
In November drive up with our truck and trailer visiting a few people and stopping a few places on our way to Iowa. Mid-November Rebecca's sister is getting married, and we are helping with the wedding. After that, we are driving out to California. John's father is needing help building a house for someone, so this is a good time to visit and minister to people in California for a little while.

Rebecca is also going to try to get her CNA cert. allowing her to assist people and work with them.

Be praying for us, as we contemplate moving to Alaska.

Oct. 15 found Rebecca and John celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary together in Corpus Christ, on the Gulf of Mexico. We spent a couple days exploring the Texas state Aquarium, the U.S.S Lexington, and enjoying the water and beach.

Funny for the month: This is a true story that happened to us at the end of September.
It was a dark and rainy day. Not a day for running around outside. It was a peaceful morning, as Rebecca and I were relaxing after a long work week, and catching up on stuff on the computers. Rebecca decided to start a load of laundry, in the apartment complex laundromat downstairs, and got her detergent and basket. She came down the hall to where I was, sitting at the computer and was asking me a question. I was on my third word of responding to her question when, "KA-BAM" , we looked startledly at each other.
Almost like a gunshot as the detergent bottle she was carrying exploded. This was not a slow-action explosion. This was a blink-of-the-eye speed explosion, and the damage was done. The whole top pieces blew off the container, bouncing off the wall behind me in the bedroom, and detergent on the floor, up to where she was standing, her hand empty, and a mess continued down the hall, across the living room floor, and onto the couch and window above the couch, which we were happy did not break from the impact of the container. The container was continuing to foam and spew the contents down the couch as we looked on in horror. 25 feet of wall to wall mess!
That is when we jumped to action and safely put the offending contain in the sink, and began wiping up the mess. I still have not found the two top parts that flew past me into the bedroom.
This was no ordinary laundry detergent! And no, she was not shaking it. There was a little detergent left, and she added some baking soda and some vinegar as well, to get some stains out.
We were laughing so hard, and now know which science experiment we will do, if God blesses us with children!

Carlsbad Caverns

Padre Island Parks (Corpus Christi, TX)
And USS Lexington, TX State Aquarium)

The truck being amazing again, and playing in the sand at the beach.

Man-O-War jellyfish

Storm and funnel clouds!!

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