It has been some time since we have sent out an informative E-mail! We thought we would do so now!

Many of you have known at least one of us for a long time, and have observed us as we have worked and served in various capacities and places.
For many years we have both felt a call to commit our lives to serving others.

Little did we know that God was going to give us a little more training first, as He lead us together in marriage. We are so thankful for this and now have a stronger combined perspective and desire to serve. October 15, 2012 was our incredible day of commitments.

Nothing can come about unless it is by the hand of God. And it is indeed sweetness to be in the will of God.
Perhaps you will recall that at our wedding a verse that we took to heart, and you may have as well, is, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify you Father which is in heaven".
Many know that verse by heart, but what does it mean to us? We believe God has blessed us and equipped us with several gifts and talents. We are burdened to now use these things to the fullest extent possible.

While we are ready and able to share the gospel wherever we go, we want to support the ministry in helping those that are called to preach. Some are called to that vocation, but others must also then teach and disciple, demonstrating the light and goodness that God has imparted to us.

What are we trying to accomplish?
And where are we trying or thinking of going? What does this look like?

In keeping with our last goal, made before our marriage (Go to this link http://www.stellarflex.com/firstyear.htm to read about taking our 1st year off) we are not planning to go anywhere crazy until the end of the year or beginning of next year!

At this time, we are hoping to go to Belize or similar country for a minimum of 6 months, maybe 12 months. This would be a time of trial, to discern if that is where God wants us. I was recently asked by a young man 'how he should proceed' in life. I replied that my mother gave me a note many years ago, that said something to the extent of 'let God direct your little ship of life'.
I made the point that God will direct you, and send you in the right direction if you ask, but you have to be moving! You can't expect God to direct you if you don't move!

So we are researching and praying about Belize or other country around there. Trying to find a contact that we can come alongside, and minister to, as we 'get our feet wet' learning, and to continue to discern where God wants us to move to.

I also think about a young man I worked with in Alaska a couple years ago. He spent two years in Ghana, Africa, serving in the tribal area. After his two years, he then served a few months in Bangladesh.
Just in that short amount of time, he knew God was calling him to Bangladesh. Was it wrong to spend two years in Africa, before going there? I don't think so! We are excited for him, and believe we should also be likeminded, open minded towards God.

We have been praying and seeking the Lordís direction. And while we are seeking that direction, we donít want to miss the next step, or, what is in front of us.

An opportunity has opened up for us to serve this summer at a Christian Camp.

Nestled in the mountains in Northeastern New Mexico, El Porvenir Christian Camp ( http://www.elporvenircamp.com/ ) is the camp of which we speak.
Rebecca and I have been asked to help, and be on staff for 10 weeks this summer.
After much prayer and phone calls, we believe this would benefit us, and be in keeping with our goals, and with where we think God is leading us. So, if you have need to contact us in the next 10 weeks, please use:

El Porvenir Christian Camp
John & Rebecca Erickson
HC 33 Box 180
Montezuma, NM 87731
(No Cell phone reception)

Given our camp experience, our work will encompass everyday things like facilitating the camps by serving food, running equipment, supervising events, assisting with activities like: hikes, ropes courses, rappelling, etc.
We like the fact that our beliefs and goals seem to line up very well at this ministry.

So please do be praying for us as we do this labor of love, and have opportunities to encourage and share with so many people. We are packing up our stuff right now, to move out on May 19th.

We are excited to see how God will use this time. We have been blessed to know we are following God's will in this step.

After that, we are planning to return to San Antonio, in August and continue to earn more money, and continue to raise support and prepare for the trip/move to Belize or similar country.

So why are we writing to you?

Sure, you are probably curious how the newlyweds are doing, and don't mind hearing the news of our plans. That is good, and we are happy to know you want to read about us! As you read, you know we have some needs. Nowadays, we are not expected (nor is it practical) to try to walk to Belize or thereabouts! We spend money to drive, or fly! Health insurance, like Medi-Share costs, etc are other things to consider.

We are looking for partners, and praying God will bring people alongside us who believe that the Truth, the Word of God, needs to be taught. The Bible makes it clear that it is sometimes at great cost. We need prayer right now as God continues to lead us in our many decisions. Do you have a desire and can you ask if God is leading you to help us prepare to go?

We have setup a webpage dedicated to helping you keep track of us in our progress to be on the mission field next year.
In the meantime, we would ask you to pray! Send us your thoughts, and if you know of a job opening for us, to earn some money right now, please tell us! Do you know of a contact in Belize or other country around there?

For a brief history of our now 6 months together:

John and Rebecca successfully made the drive to Texas with our truck and U-haul trailer of stuff. An apartment was found and we acquired a few things from craigslist and other places. A second vehicle was found for driving to work.
We continue to enjoy and be active in our local church, www.lighthousebaptist.org . John's sister, Stacy came to visit for a while in March, and we visited some dear friends, then went up to the Enchanted Rock State Park where we enjoyed the beauty of creation while hiking and caving, and just being away from the city.

John Erickson has been working as an EMT-B with Americana Ambulance. He enjoys it, but often his co-workers think he is weird, not following the worldly lifestyle so prevalent in the EMS workplace. Pray that I would continue to be a light and that our discussions would lead to deeper, more meaningful things.

John enjoyed the challenge of buying a really used car, and putting some work into it, and just recently the car passed the Texas Inspection. He plays Frisbee or Ultimate Frisbee whenever he can.
Our church has been a blessing; we both take part in the choir and enjoying lifting up our voices in praise to the Lord.

Rebecca has been experiencing the difficulties of not having to cook for 20-70 people all the time and trying to adjust to a very small kitchen in our apartment!

She was able to attend Jonathan and Sharon Penz's wedding! That was exciting as she reconnected with many Alaskan friends. That was also the first time the two of us have been apart for more than twenty-four hours!

John and Rebecca just completed two weeks of ministry at the ALERT Academy, in the Dallas area. John and Rebecca assisted with the ALERT Cadet Challenge, working with 500 young men during the conference with 1500 people.

During the second week, John was one of the 4 unit leaders working with Capt. Stoner to host the LTC (Leadership Training Corps) camp for the 62 young men and fathers that came. This week I was more involved, being responsible 24 hours a day for the group of guys God let me work with.

Thank you for reading, and for praying!

We will attempt to make frequent updates throughout the summer. Hopefully this was an informative note, but if you have questions, get in touch! We are now going to get back to packing!

Replacing the A/C evaporater behind the dash in the truck

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