Been a long time since there has been an update to the webpage.
We have been quite busy this year so far.
We bought a truck and packed up and headed to Alaska for the summer.

This involved driving all the way. In fact, I bought the truck in Dallas, Texas, participated and helped with the ALERT Cadet LTC Training Camp for the Father/Son program at the end of April and then drove back to California.
There we loaded up the truck and spent the next week driving an visiting friends as we made our way up through Oregon, Washington, Brittish Columbia, Yukon territory, and then into Fairbanks Alaska.

Took some time getting into Canada, because they suspected we might have a gun, which we did not, but they wanted to check.
Encountered some snow continuing to fall on the ground and ice up our truck.
Fairbanks was nice though and we enjoyed our visit there before flying out to Kako for the summer.

Caribou, moose, bear and foxes were all seen, but non hit.

We liked Brittish Columbia, probably partly because it was spring time down in Southern Canada, and it was still winter in Yukon Territory.

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