Greetings from the Ericksons!

I missed posting pictures of last weeks camp, until now, 2-3 days after camp.

Camp directorship was successfuly transfered to Andrew, and I did more of what I usually do, in a support role/activities director role.

The Tennessee team left at the beginning of the week.
It was sad to see them go, as they were an inspiration and big help with the first full week of camp.
They claimed to be people that 'loved Jesus'. I agree with that statement, and felt that they did an incredible job being such people as they spent their week with the campers.

I had fun directing and helping them be successful in having an organized, stable, fun environment to learn about Jesus, and see other people's lives lived out, and changed by His power. There were people confessing Jesus Christ for the very first time. It was a great week.
Another team came from Gorgia to help out for the week as well. Big thanks especially for their effort to build our new swingset, and also to rebuild the obstacle course.

And then they were gone, but we had the first part of the CA group coming in.
We had quite a bit fewer staff for the bigger, 38+ group of campers. But I think it went well. I taught a little bit on the topic of love, and tried to help keep everyone cool, with the high temps.
I heard a report of it being 90 degrees on Tuesday. It seemed all they wanted to do was swim in the swimming pool that I just finished getting running. I have never seen it get used this much in a single week before. Half the camp was in it, every chance they had, everyday. And the water was actually warm too.

And as I like to do when I have free time, I worked on Hondas. I got another one back in service.
Took a lot of work, fixing a whole bunch of small stuff. This one was given to us, and we did not know all the little things wrong with it. But It is now up and running. I am activily working on two other ones now with the engine completely being switched out on one.

With the shortage of Hondas, Rebecca and I still have not been down to the lake. Hoping soon though!

We are getting ready to begin the third week of camp now, and Kyle is here to direct teen camp.

Thanks for praying for us!

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