Greetings from the Ericksons!

Well, We here at camp have come to the end of Teen week. We are a bit tired!
There were about 23 guys, and about the same of girls. The usual activities and events took place, with the exception of Wednesday, when the guys headed down to the lake for the night.
It ended up being a late night as we ended up coming back, with the mosquitos and other things. Everyone got to enjoy the ride down and back up.
Two weeks left of camp. Things seem to be going well. Events are stable, things are working. Honda situation is about the same, with a couple that need parts.

I can't think of a lot to write at the moment. Everyone is very tired after the super long week. We actually started flying on Sunday.
And when Saturday came, we were tired!

I guess I should mention that I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the guys when they were down at the lake.
What does it take to get to heaven? What pleases God?
What are commandments?
What are some of them? Why keep them?
What does Satan Hate? Why?
Does he like strong, leaders of families and followers of Christ?

Be praying for us as we continue to look for jobs/work in Alaska.

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