Welcome to an update of the Ericksons!

We are excited to be involved and serving at El Porvenir Christian Camp, in the Mountains of New Mexico.
Training started May 21st, and has been good. One of the big things of training was the High Ropes course. We were excited to be able to participate, and we both received our certification to operate and be known as a Facilitator of the Ropes Course Elements.
By 'Elements' we mean the different parts of the course, such as the low ropes activities, like the swinging log, wild woozy, log jam, and others, and then continuing on into the high course elements such as the multi-vine, catwalk, zip line, and wall.
One challenging activity is to climb atop a pole, and stand at the very top, and then jump off, and try to catch a suspended trapiez bar.
All this training was good, and we also learned how to prepare for it, and use it to teach. Our goal is more than just to be another amusement park. We are challenging people, and wish to apply biblical principles and lessons.

During the most recent camp, last week, John had the opportunity to help run the detached activity of a rappelling event. It involves hiking to the summit of Sunrise Peak, a nearby peak, and setting up a 185 foot rappel system. Fun stuff! That is the biggest rappel stuff I have done to date. There were many people that were challenged by this event and were thankful for the opportunity. (After they had completed it!)
That was one of the highlights of this past group. I got to do something I really enjoyed doing, and began learning some of the names of people and building some relationships.

This was helpful, because the next day, I got to work with many of the same people, in the ropes course. That was also a good experience, officially working on the ropes course as a facilitator.(Leader) My position was enjoyable as I worked atop of the tower, onto which people came across to from the catwalk, and also as they climbed up the rock wall. They then had the option to go on the zip line, across the ravine. This is can be one of the harder things for people to attempt to do.

Rebecca has also been working in the course, in various capacities as needed. She joyfully did one of the harder jobs and belayed people, as they climbed up the rock wall, and rappelled sometimes.
It is a lot of work to belay, and you get pretty sweaty and dirty, from the dust and the ropes that seem to collect dirt. Your hands will be almost black by the end of the day!

And then we are doing other things, as needed. If there are needs, we jump in. It can look like being on call for the evening activities, and lighting tiki torches. Helping in the kitchen/serving.
Running/helping paintball, ropes course, leading hikes, selling candy and stuff. Maintaining the grounds, maintenance on buildings and equipment, etc.

Note that because of software issues on this computer, I was unable to upload this update until recently. Sorry.

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