Greetings from the Ericksons!

Some very tired people here.
We just finished our 5th week of camp.
This group was ages 10-14, so it was a very diverse group.
But they were fun, and it was a good week. The weather was much better than last week. It was sunny, and actually got hot on Thursday.
Last week, it rained everyday, and hindered activities. The pool did not get used at all.

God blessed us with just the right amount of staff for this last week of camp.
We all had to pitch in and get stuff done, but it worked.

Kyle has done a great job directing the past 3 weeks of camp. He did most of the teaching, and I normaly also did some teaching.

Jimmy and Jason were a big help to me, as they handled running some of the events and activities.
Many dishes and cleanings later, they were still at it. Bill Johnson did a fantastic job accomodation our power schedule, and always had the generator turned on when we needed it.
Kept things picked up around camp, and did many, unseen maintanence stuff.

Brenda Johnson helped with being the camp nurse the first 2 weeks, which was a big help, and then the rest of camp she worked in the kitchen, and continued her ministry as a foster mom.

Rebecca hardly was able to leave the kitchen this year. Food orders were not shipped in a timely fashion, which added stress and more work.
We had some big groups of campers, and also some large groups of staff, which maxed her and the kitchen out.

But no one ever was hungry, and we really appreciate that, and we always had enough to eat.

Jared, Carol and their family were a huge part of camp. They are getting ready to begin with New Tribes, and start flying. So being a Kako was a great stepping stone in preparing them for the mission field.
Jared did a whole bunch of flying. Carol organized and ran the process of calling parents, and getting the campers to and from Kako, organizing the pilots and flight plans. Answering the phones and having a full day on Monday and Friday, on top of being a mom and expecting another child!

Carol's younger sister, Lucy, was important to camp as she operated the snack shack for the whole summer, and handled some registration, and answered the phones.
That is a big load lifted from Vera.

Lucy did a lot of work.

We had good pilots, Kevin, Dary, Andy, Jonathan, Jared and Matt over the course of the summer, at one time or another.

Many people came up to help, both with camp, and with work projects/support. Would be a lot of names to list each one.

Gary and Margo Posenjak came up and helped work with teen camp.

Now the season is over.
Time to put stuff away for the winter.
No more swimming, hiking, archery, riflery, Awana, Rappelling, etc.
Time to say good byes to people, many of whom have been here the whole summer.
I think we are all craving an In-n-Out cheeseburger, or something like that. Chips and Salsa, whatever, we are ready! Salad, fruit, etc.

Looking back over the summer, we fulfilled our responsibilities. Each person did their task and for the most part, we were never really overworked.
Now it is going to get quiet as everyone leaves.

We are still making some job applications in Fairbanks.

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