April and May, 2011.

Hello, glad you can follow me as I begin my fifth year of serving at Kako, in Alaska.
I am now engaged to Rebecca Noll now. John and Becky

I arrived Russian Mission, Alaska on April 19th, 2011. Rebecca came and picked me up, and we snow machined up the river and all the way to Kako.

There was lots to do, and jumping right in, found much to do. One of my big projects as I wait for the snow to melt, is continue on House #8. It has been unfinished for some time now. And so I am staying there, and working on it at the same time.

At 8am, I start the generator and do my morning stuff.
Perhaps go say good morning to my fiance'e, and then work on stuff.
When I am not working on quads, lumber, house mainenance and odds and ends, I am working on House 8.
I just finished making a picture frame for someone. Working on camp stuff, and gearing up to make some more bed frames for the houses.

It is so nice to be with Rebecca Noll again. We often spend our evenings together, and it helps us keep motivated as we prepare for a long summer, and much work.

Finances are stickier than ever, and things are not easy. We continue to see God provide, and continue to trust Him to provide.
I just had a good friend help out, and send up the needed blank CD disk media, to allow us to give the summer youth/campers their very own CD of pictures and stuff when they come. Thanks!

I continue to buy some of the needed supplies for camp.

For example, I just placed an order for a new swimming pool pump filter, as our old one died last year. And then purchased some more bug spray, to help keep the bug bites down. And there will be more stuff.

Pray for us.
Financially, 7 weeks of summer camp, with all the fuel, food and cost of running camp.

For us spiritually, as we work for the primary goal of reaching the lost, and discipling those that have known the light.

Fur us physically and mentally. If you have read my stories from previous years, you will have some idea of how intense our summer is.

And pray for 'US' as Rebecca and I are engaged. Working together at this intense camp, being engaged presents its own set of challenges as I learn to balance work, camp and relationship!

John and Rebecca

Lots of snow!

Rebecca enjoying the snow

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