Here is a report of the Seventh week of camp. July 2011.

Hello friends,

Welcome to the last official report from our last week of camp.
It was not like the last week of camp last year.
It was quite a bit harder. We had 50 campers for this last week, and they were a bit loud.
It was still a challenging week, especially after 6 other weeks. And quite a few counselors have been sick.
And I had a few medical cases with the campers that needed my attention.

Things have been a bit tired. I get up before 7:30am every morning, and then head to bed 12:30-1:30am every night after the campers are quiet.

Let me be honest. We are tired. I knew it would be a long summer. We have never done 7 weeks in a row before, and although things remained pretty stable, and the same, we were low on staff, and really, doing a lot more than we normaly would.
I think about how many times I have started the generator this year.... So far, I have been here about 100 days. I turn it on at least once a day. I have gone to turn it on, or off, around at least 300 times.
How many times have I washed dishes, or done the same thing, over and over.

The starter quit on the red Honda, and I rebuilt it yesterday. The part came to finish rebuilding another Honda.
I got a leak fixed in house four, as one of the screws on a tank went out as the tank rusted.

It was a cloudy, cold week for the most part, but activities went pretty well. Wednesday we had a pretty good weather to do the olympic games and cook outside. Thursday a bit of a water fight happened and some good pictures of that were taken.

Friday morning was just amazing. Waking up to brilliant sunshine coming in the window. Dew was glistening on the grass, and at moments like that, one just feels like shouting 'How great is our God! You are awesome! Thank you.' And then we pray that we would feel that way when the darkness comes too. And we pray that it would not just be for us, but that these young people would feel the same way about Christ, - as sunshine warming up our lives, and wanting to bask in it.
As the campers flew out, we enjoyed the sunshine a bit, and did some weeking in the garden, were the lettuce, radishes, and some other things are growing.
Some might think that gardens are not for Alaska. But for years, we have enjoyed produce out of the garden at this time of year, even though we have not had much sun this summer.

I began a list of clean up projects and To-Do list.
I laughed at how long it was. Thankfully, the counselors are still here, and are willing to help work.

What is next?

We have a week to rest and clean up, and work on projects around camp, and prepare for village ministry. Teams are planning to go to villages in a week. And next week we get ready for Berry Picking retreat.

So between now and the end of berry picking retreat, we need to wrap up projects, and Rebecca needs to be moved out.
Lots of packing and shipping to do.

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