Here is a report of the Sixth week of camp. July 2011.

Hello friends,

Just finished the sixth week of camp.
That leaves us with just one more week of camp.
I am sick at the moment, but hope it is like a lot of the sicknesses I have had over the years up here. (It strikes on Friday, and I am back up and able to run on Monday)

A few pictures are posted to help tell the story of the week.
Basically, with a huge number of young boys and girls, it was a fun week. I think we had 51. But they were pretty well behaved and things ran smoothly enough once we got going.

Last week it rained a lot, and then during the weekend it continued to rain and be dark.
We were starting to wonder what the sun looked like. That turned into rain on Monday, and the wind and weather kept the planes on the ground most of the day.
Some came in from Aniak, but it was not until the next day we got the rest. So that messed up our week a little, as we could not get started until everyone was here. So on Wednesday we got started with camp.
Having one less day meant we had a busier schedule and had to cram more into the two full days we had before they flew out on Friday.
We did the Olympic game activities on Wednesday evening in the rain, and it rained most of the rest of the week as well.

The Rappelling events went well, especially as Caleb was here this week, and he brought up the rest of my rappelling gear.
We had some fun and did a few pick-off rescue scenarios and other fun stuff.
We are thankful for the week that Caleb was able to come up and help. He has returned home to help with his sister's wedding.
Some of our summer pilots, like Paul root, and his wife, John and his wife, and Chad have also returned home.
The work team also finished their work and headed back home.
So we have a few less people now, especially as Erica and some others will be heading out soon as well.

There are too many things to mention that happen. The blessing of fresh peaches that the work team brought up, the avaition gas fuel runs being done, the help of so many people, the hot Tang and the cookies on cold days.
The brief moments of sunshine.

Rebecca and I enjoy a quiet moment together whenever we can get one. With each of our own busy schedules and responsibilities, it is very hard to find a moment when we aren't both exhausted.
We are continuing to learn what it will mean to live together and be selfless. We have both lived pretty independant lives, and it is kind of quite the learning experience to no longer be like that. And getting married has been so good as we learn more about who God is.

It should not seem funny that marriage does that. After all, What is the whole point of marriage? Who designed it? Who brought it about?
So it should not be surprising to find God, and encounter the beauty of God, even in our sinful world.
One of the things we have both discovered is that if there is anything hidden in our life, marriage/engagement will bring it to light.
For example, perhaps there has been something that I have ignored, or decided I have not wanted to face/admit about my character or something. Being single, I can get away with ignoring something. But if I am in a relationship, I am now committing to sharing my life with someone else. I no longer have the freedom to run away from anything if I wish to truly be honest and open, which is our goal.

So this is good for us, as we not only have to deal with the other person, but we have to deal with ourselves too! But thankfully there is love and forgiveness, and the hope that God can change and soften us.

Thanks for praying for camp and for us! There is much to pray for.
We do not turn back. We can't go back! Even if it were possible, we realize more and more how thankful we are at the life God has given us, and that we are at the point in life God has us.

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