Here is a report of the Fourth week of camp. June 2011.

Hello friends,

It was a pretty long week. Here are some thoughts from it.
We had about 25 high school age campers with us keeping us busy, but we enjoyed it, and it was a good week.

A little smaller than normal, but if you remember last year, we only had one week of high school, and there were too many for one week, so that is why this year we are doing two smaller groups. Last week and this week.
On Monday I got another quad/4 wheeler fixed. I took parts off of the one that broke a few weeks ago, and put together a similar machine, and fixed it up and so we have one more.
It is very helpful to have it, and get that project done before campers arrived.

I was the camp nurse again for the week, so I checked in the campers as they came in.

On Tuesday I worked hard to finish the final flight of stairs. At 4:45pm, I finished just in time for the scheduled rappelling activity.

They were cork-screw in nature, and wrapped around to the very top of the platform.
This made things so much easier. It helped free up staff, because we don't have to operate a ladder. And then they don't get scared climbing the ladder.

So things are a lot easier for us now, as there is good people flow.

Monday was the quad.
Then on Tuesday it felt good to get the stairs done on the tower.
And on Wednesday I got the food and camp stuff together for the guys trip to the lake.
It went well and I stayed back with the girls and helped run some of the activities and stuff while the guys went rafting at the lake, and then had a big paintball war, between some gun-shooting.

Thursday was a little different, and Rebecca and I shared about God's love for morning Bible time, along with some basics about relationships.
It was a lot of work to put together.
We faced some big challenges, but it was good to work through and we learned more about each other. It felt like it did not go as well as previous weeks, but we spent more time talking about love, rather than our experiences. It worked ok though, because in the evening two other couples were able to share their experiences/stories.

In the evening we had the usual skits and special time. I had help making the Photo CD's for the campers to take home.

As the campers were flying out on Friday, we needed a break, and after lunch Rebecca and I headed down to Kako Creek, not too far from camp. We came back the next day after catching a few grayling and seeing a moose and baby calf walking down the creek towards us. It finally saw us and headed into the bushes.
I was thinking if the creek was big enough for all of us. Surely there is enough space for all of us! (it is dangerous to be so close to a protective mother and calf)
It was good to be out in nature for a little bit, and then the sun finally came out and it was a beautiful day.
No pictures this time as we did not have a camera!
We took Kyle and Rachel back down and got 7 more grayling.

And now we have finished 4 weeks, leaving just 3 weeks more of camp.

For those of you who got Rebecca's recent newsletter, some of the groceries came on Saturday!! That is a very special blessing because we were pretty much out of food, and because of the phone calls we made, were not expecting any to come until later at the end of the week!
So we are thankful for that.

A couple people went home today after helping us for a while. Just a reminder that we are not up here forever, or that everyone can stay the whole summer. We are thankful to everyone that can come.
People leaving also reminds me that our wedding is coming up fast!

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