Here is a report of the Second week of camp. June 2011.

Hello friends,

A long, but fun week is over.

On Saturday, I became pretty sick, and spent Sunday recovering. I was the first in a string of illnesses that began over the weekend and into the week. Thankfully, I was able to fulfil my responsibilities on Monday and during the week.

This was our second week, and we had the Jr. High age campers. 41 of them.

Some of our staff, like the Fedelems, went to Hooper Bay for a week or two. Gordon, from MATA, returned home, but another pilot came up to help us fly.

I am thankful to not have had too much in the way of medical treatment to perform.
Just a couple scratches and maybe a carpet burn or two.

I had some help in making the Thursday night slideshow, and then all the photo CD's for the campers.

There is not too much right now I can think of that was super exciting.
It is a lot of work to feed all the people, and keep the activities going, and the Bible times God-honoring, and the electricity flowing.

Yet is was a good week. Many of the campers asked a lot of good questions, and heard many good answers and heard from the Word of God.

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