Here is a brief report of the first week of camp. June 2011.

Hello friends,

We are very tired after the first week of camp.
It is hard because we have new people learning. It takes a while to get used to things and figure out how to operate.
We are stretched thin too, with out limited number of staff and counselors the first week or two.
And then there is the task of putting all the events together, and smoothing out any hickups and problems.
The rain also kept us on our toes, and caused a few problems.
But that is not to say it was not a good week!!!
The young boys and girls (ages 8-11) had an awesome time as they flew into Kako for the week on Monday.
Things went fairly smoothly and our camp Director, Kyle was able to have some good Bible and song time with the 36 young people.

Riflery, Archery, Rappelling and rock climbing, swimming and obstacle course, awanas and a new craft by Miss. Veronica.

More work was done on the tower as you can see in the pictures with more stairs in place. They still are not done though.
I have just one more flight of stairs to do now.

Lance throwing!

Who wants a sash for Capture-the-flag?

Other projects that we mentioned were the water heater job and Wednesdays.

The water heater project with the floating water heater element seems to be working.
I don't have a thermometer anymore, but the tempature was raised.
Of course, I am not trying to make a hot tub, but simply take the edge off of the cold water. This might seem insignificant, but it really does make a difference in the enjoyment of camp, and keeping people warm and healthy.
One of my jobs right now is camp nurse, so I want to have as few problems as possible!

And then there is the special day called Wednesday.

Over the last year or two, Wednesday has turned into the day of curiosity.
What is going to happen? Something different every year!

This year our event is the Olympics theme!
In the afternoon, the campers are invited to compete as individuals and as well as a team.

Events on the board include:

Long jump
Balance beam
Raft race
Stick throw
White ball relay
Tarp roll
Lance throw
Distance tire roll
Sprint running
Balloon toss
Team lava crossing
Crazy big ball

Tug-o-war and blind maze to be added next week.

Most of the campers seem to have enjoyed the time outside doing some fun stuff.
It got pretty rainy at the end and we had to end early, but things seem to be falling into place.

Please keep all of us in your prayers.
It is a lot of work, and we do not believe it is in vain as we think about the young ones who have accepted Christ this past week.
About the friends made.
About the example of love that they saw in us, Lord willing.

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