Hi! Thanks for checking out our webpage! We kind of laid this webpage out in a recap style of 2015, with shortcuts to things you might find of interest. Say hi if you want!

March Spring time comes! Dig stuff out of the ice as it melts. Studded winter tires are cleaned and put away. Log shop opportunity.

I had been watching Craigslist for metal roofing, to make improvements with. I found a post about selling ‘a log shop’. It was an hour away, and it kind of looked like it had a roof on it. It was an hour drive, but I went to check it out. Found a building made out of three sided logs, with a really ...... MORE....

April Towards the end of spring, we were asked if we wanted a free jeep that did not work. To my mechanical mind, that sounded interesting.
So I grabbed a trailer and my two wheel drive truck and went to see what it was. I had no idea that I was going into the hills, and it was not an easy drive. It took some skill to get my truck up into the driveway.
Found a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with a blown #3 piston. (seized engine because of that) I went ahead and took it. Parked the trailer, then pulled the jeep onto the trailer with my truck, and then hooked it back up to the trailer, and tried to get home.
Had to have someone help pull me up a steep hill on the ice. I would not have tried to get the vehicle at that time if I had known it was in the hills!

Got home, and began to see about making a running jeep. I found another jeep on Craigslist, same vehicle, that had been in a roll over accident.
I purchased that jeep and got it.
Basically I swapped engines.
However,.... MORE....

In May, I had another car project.
I bought a small Subaru on a back haul, as I was working down in Anchorage area for a week. It was another typical, failed Subaru head gasket job. I did that project pretty quick.
I can pull those Subaru engines in a couple hours. Fixed those and I got that sold before June rolled around.

June (and July) The month that we typically head out to Kako. June and part of July was spent at kako. 5 Full weeks of camp, with setup/teardown week bookends to that. This year I pre-made the birch nametags. Made a couple hundred of those, and that saved a lot of time.
Modified a few hard-shell cases for camp gear. Keep things safe and make things more fun.
The first week looked like... MORE....

August is moose hunting season.
I went with my friend, and enjoyed the outdoors, but we did not get anything that time.

September My Dad came up to visit us for a little bit.
We did a few outings, but mainly got some projects done around the place. Our bathroom looks tons better after he did some remodel work to it.
Worked on vehicles. Enjoyed the fall colors.
Our trusty green Subaru... MORE....

October was notable because of our progress of purchasing the home.
At least it seems like progress! Taking forever to go through the process of first time home buying!
But in october... MORE....

November included a road trip!
Rebecca and I flew down to CA to visit my family.
And we purchased a truck, and hauled... MORE....

December reminds us of the snow.

We got probably around 2 feet this year.
(May I offer... MORE....

And if you want to see a few more Kako summer pictures, Click Here